Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know What Type of Service Is Best for Me?
There are several types of storages. You can enlist the help of a moving company to come pick up items you’d like in storage, and then ask for them to be delivered when you need them.

More people opt for self-storage, where you haul your stuff to a storage facility and pack it yourself into a storage container. You can access the items as you need them. It usually involves renting a truck if you have a lot of stuff to put in storage, although some storage companies will provide a truck to haul your items.

Mobile storage is a third option. In this, the storage company delivers a storage container and parks it outside your home. When you’re finished packing it, the storage company picks it up and delivers it to its storage facility. When you need it – whether at your old or new home – the storage container gets delivered to you for you to unpack.

How Do I Find Quality Storage Companies?
You can go on the recommendations from those who have used storage facilities, or request a free quote from, which will match you with quality storage companies in your local area.

What Items Can’t I Put in Storage?
Basically anything that might constitute a hazard: fireworks, gas, paint thinners, motor oil… you get the picture. You also can’t store food: this attracts unwanted critters. Any questions about other items, ask the storage facility. You also might want to think twice about storing valuables there, or items that could be harmed by an unstable environment, like furs or paintings.