Get the Best Truck Rental for Your Move

If you're hauling stuff to storage solo, you'll probably need a rent a truck. Some things to keep in mind. First, the truck itself. Although you don't want to pay too much, when selecting a truck, be realistic with the size truck you rent so you don't run out of room. As a guide, each room you pack will need between 125 and 150 cubic feet. To convert cubic feet to actual truck size, follow these guidelines:

10 ft truck - 1 bedroom small apartment- approximately 350 cubic feet

15 ft truck - 2 bedroom house or apartment- approximately 750 cubic feet

20 ft truck - 3-4 bedroom house- approximately 1,250 cubic feet

As you pack the rental truck, make a complete and detailed inventory of what you need to move, with the major items that you will be moving and an estimate of the number of boxes by size. This will help your truck rental provider determine the best size for you. Truck-rental companies can get very busy, book your rental truck well in advance. The peak rental season begins towards the end of May and will usually run through the end of September; reserve a rental as soon as you have fixed your moving date.

Month-end is busier than during the middle of the month. If you are flexible with timing, you could save some additional money on your truck rental. If you are moving within your current city, nearly all truck rental agencies will be able to accommodate your needs. If you are moving to another city or state or even across the country, you will likely be doing a one way trip. The large rental agencies that operate nationwide can accommodate one-way moves.

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