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Moving to Idaho, the 43rd state will be much more enjoyable with your excess baggage taken care of for you. Storage facilities in Idaho can do just that. You can choose from either self-storage facilities or mobile storage units, depending on your needs.

Also referred to as the Gem State, Idaho is home to an abundance of natural resources and precious stones. Storage companies in Idaho understand that your possessions are gems too, which is why they provide storage insurance, storage security and climate-controlled conditions to make sure they are well cared for.

Origin of State's Name: The name "Idaho" was originally believed to be an Indian word meaning "Gem of the Mountains." It was later learned that the name was created by the miner George M. Willing.

Capital City: The capital city of Idaho is Boise. It is located in Ada County.

Population: Idaho is populated with about 1,545,801 people, according to the 2009 census.

Driving: To obtain information about a driver's licenses, testing centers, requirements, and applications, please visit: the Idaho Transportation Department webpage.

Agriculture and Industry: Idaho is an important agricultural state that produces nearly one-third of the potatoes grown in the U.S. Wheat, lumber and wood products are also produced in Idaho. Major industries include chemical products, machinery, paper products, electronics, silver, tourism and mining. Numerous Fortune 500 companies are also located in Idaho such as JC Penney, Albertsons and Continental Airlines.

State Bird: The state bird is the mountain bluebird.

State Tree: The state tree is the western white pine, also known as the white pine.

State Flower: The Lewis Mock Orange, also known as the Syringia, is Idaho's state flower.

State Song: The state song is "Here We Have Idaho" (also known as "Our Idaho"). The verses were written by Albert J. Tompkins and the chorus by McKinley Helm; Salle Hume Douglas composed the music for the song.

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Idaho - Interesting Facts:
  • The town of American Falls in Idaho is the only area that was moved during the 1920s when the American Falls dam was built.

  • Albertson College, located in Caldwell, is the oldest university in the state.

  • There are numerous ghost towns in Idaho. Some of which include: Silver City, Yankee Fork, Gold Dredge, and the Sierra Silver Mine.

Idaho - Famous People:
Famous Idahoans include athletes, actors and actresses, artists, politicians, inventors, musicians and many more. Examples of these people include Gutzon Borglum, the person who carved Mt. Rushmore and actress Lana Turner. Writer Ernest Hemingway also lived in Idaho.

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