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Self Storage Facilities Options

Do you have piles of old records, books and furs and find that your apartment and/or house is being taken over by your belongings? A simple solution is to house your belongings in a self-storage facility for a set amount of time. Before you leave any items in a storage unit, you will have to research storage facilities and determine if the price and location are right for you.

The first thing you will need to consider is location. You'll want a storage facility that's close to your home; this will save you money and time if you make frequent visits, and make sure you know the hours for accessing the facility. Next up is security. Are the security features different during regular business hours versus after-hours? Make sure you're comfortable when visiting the storage facility at any hour of the day.

Determine the storage size you need, and then talk about the most suitable unit with the storage company. The price range will depend on size, storage period and special needs. And look around: You’ll frequently see offers to get your first month free. How will your stuff be insured? This is especially important for high-value items like expensive jewelry and furs. Storage companies often offer their own insurance find out about the facility's procedures in cases such as natural disasters like floods. Also, check if your renters insurance or homeowners insurance will cover your goods while in storage.