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Storage Facilities in Washington
Are you overwhelmed by your belongings? Do you want to keep your stuff but don't want it to crowd you home. If so, you may need a storage facility in Washington - ranging from self storage facilities to mobile storage units. Facilities in Washington also offer insurance, security and climate-controlled settings so that your items are protected when they are out of your hands.

Capital City: The capital city of Washington in Olympia.

Population: There are approximately six million people that reside in Washington.

Driving: Testing locations for driver's licenses, as well as license information, applications, testing requirements and driver's manuals, can be found on the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Agriculture and Industry: Washington is considered a leading agricultural state, which includes apples, raspberries, pears, peppermint, grapes, onions, barley, wheat, craberries and strawberries. Washington is also the location of major companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Nintendo, Costco and Nordstrom. Other industries in Washington include lumber, shipping, fishing, salmon canning and mining.State Bird: The state bird is the willow goldfinch.

State Tree: The Western hemlock is the state tree.

State Flower: The coast rhododendron is the state flower.

State Song: "Washington, My Home" is the state song. It was written by Helen Davis.

Washington - Interesting Facts:
  • Washington is the only state that is named after a U.S. president.
  • The state of Washington produces more apples than anywhere in the U.S.
  • The highest point in Washington is Mount Rainer.

Washington - Famous People:
Many famous are from Washington or reside there today. Some famous names include the TV host, Bob Barker, the actress Carol Channing, the software executive Bill Gates and the singer Jimi Hendrix.

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