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Storage Facilities in Alaska
If you're searching for storage facilities in Alaska, be sure to find a heated one if your goods can't stand the cold! Known as "The Land of the Midnight Sun," Alaska has cold winters, where in some parts of the winter the sun never rises.

While living in Alaska, you will discover numerous self-storage facilities - including mobile storage or storage options through a moving company. For those new to town, there are several storage companies in Alaska that are eager to help you settle in. Many of these storage companies offer curbside pick up and drop off, along with sign-up specials and discounts for long-time customers.

Origin of State's Name: The name Alaska originates from a Russian pronunciation of the Aleutian word "alakshak," which means "great land" or "peninsula."

Capital City: Juneau is the capital of Alaska.

Population: As of 2009, the US Census Bureau estimated that Alaska had a population of just fewer than seven million residents.

Driving: To obtain driver's license information, driver's manuals, testing requirements, applications and testing locations, please visit: Alaska Department of Administration, Motor Vehicles website.

Agriculture and Industry: The industry in Alaska economy is based around its rich and abundant natural resources. The main sources of production in Alaska are crude oil and hydroelectric power with oil drilling and mining making up another important part of the economy. Additionally, the fishing and seafood industries are the state's largest private industry employer.

State Bird: The state bird in Alaska is the Willow Ptarmigan. This bird can change its color from snowy white to dun brown depending on the season.

State Tree: Sitka Spruce is the state tree. It grows in the central and southeastern areas of Alaska.

State Flower: The Forget-Me-Not is state flower.

State Song: The state song is "Alaska Flag."

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Alaska - Interesting Facts:
  • Alaska was discovered in 1741 by Vitus Jonassen, a Danish explorer.
  • The discovery of gold by Joe Juneau in 1880 ushered in the hold rush era.
  • The state of Rhode Island could fit into Alaska 425 times.
  • Alaska became the 49th state in 1959.

Alaska - Famous People:
Alaska has had many famous native residents, and many other well-known people have taken up residence there. Perhaps its most memorable resident was John Griffith London, also known as "Jack London," who turned his visits to Alaska into gripping novels about surviving the tough rigors of nature.

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