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Moving to Maryland
There are numerous storage companies in Maryland - ranging from self storage facilities to mobile storage units. Whether you are looking to clear up some space in your room or you are moving to a smaller place, you will find numerous storage options available to you throughout Maryland.

In addition to finding storage units in Maryland, you will enjoy this exciting state and all of its lively attractions. Rich in history, including colonial architecture that is also within a close distance to the capitol of the U.S. in nearby District of Columbia (DC). With all of these exciting opportunities, it's no wonder why so many people are moving and storing their precious belongings in Maryland.

Origin of State's Name: The name Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria.

Capital City: The capital city of Maryland is Annapolis.

Population: It is estimated that there are $5.3 million people living in Maryland.

Driving: To obtain driver's license information, applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals and testing locations, please visit: the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Agriculture and Industry: Maryland is responsible for the production of seafood and fishing, which includes blue crab, oysters and bass. Other major products include sugar, fertilizers, iron ore, cucumbers, watermelons, corn, tomatoes, peas and squash. Maryland is also the location of Salisbury, Perdue Farms, and major universities like the University of Maryland and John Hopkins University.

State Bird: The state bird of Maryland is the Baltimore oriole. It can be found in numerous parks and suburban areas.

State Tree: The state tree is the white oak.

State Flower: The state flower is the Black-Eyed Susan. It can be found in fields and on roadsides in Maryland.

State Song: The official state song is "Maryland, My Maryland." It was written by James Ryder Randall.

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Maryland - Interesting Facts:
  • The United States Naval Academy was founded in Annapolis. It is also known as the sailing company of the world.
  • The first dental school was opened at the University of Maryland.
  • There are approximately 2.7 million acres of forests in Maryland.
  • The first Workmen's compensation laws were enacted in 1902 in Maryland.

Maryland - Famous People:
There have been many famous people that were born and raised in Maryland some of which include the jazz-singer Billie Holiday, the composer Philip Glass and the singer Frank Zappa.

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