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Storage Facilities in Montana
If you are looking for a storage facility in Montana, you will have no problem finding one. Maybe you are just looking to make extra room in the garage, or you are looking to store your seasonal decorations and clothes. Or maybe you are looking to store your specialty items like your vintage wines and antique furs. Whatever the reason, you will find storage units in Montana for your needs - ranging from self storage facilities to mobile storage units.

Origin of State's Name: The name Montana means "mountainous.” It is based on a Latin or Spanish word.

Capital City: The capital city of Montana is Helena.

Population: It is estimated that there are 1.1 million people in Montana.

Driving: To locate information about obtaining a new driver's license, please visit the Montana Department of Justice's website. Here you will also find information applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals and testing locations and more.

Agriculture and Industry: The state's economy is mainly based on agricultural products that include wheat, beets, oats, rye, potatoes, cherries, honey and barley. Additionally microbrewing, lumber, mineral extraction and livestock also contribute to the state's economy.

State Bird: The western meadowlark is the official state bird.

State Tree: The ponderosa pine is the official state tree.

State Flower: The bitterroot is the official state flower. It grows in the plains and the foothills of the mountains.

State Song: The official state song is "Montana.” It was written by Charles C. Cohan.

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Montana - Interesting Facts:
  • No state has as many different species of mammals as Montana.
  • Montana is home to the most grizzly bears in the U.S. This bear is also the state's official animal.
  • Montana is home to many ghost cities. Some of the towns are Combination, Comet, Keystone, Black Pine and Pony.
  • Glacier National Park has 250 lakes within its boundaries.

Montana - Famous People:
Some famous names from Montana including the daredevil motorcyclist Evel Knievel, the filmmaker David Lynch and the comedian Dana Carvey.

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