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Are you looking for a storage facility in New Hampshire? Luckily, you will discover numerous self storage facilities and mobile units located throughout the state - ranging from large to small units and everything in between. You will be able to store your most precious belongings with ease thanks to the secure, climate-controlled and trusted facilities in New Hampshire.

Origin of State's Name: New Hampshire is named after Hampshire, England.

Capital City: The city capital is Concord, New Hampshire.

Population: There are approximately 1.4 million that reside in New Hampshire.

Driving: To obtain information about how to receive a driver's license or renew one, please visit the New Hampshire Department of Public Safety. Here you will also find applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals, testing locations and more.

Agriculture and Industry: The state's largest agricultural products include dairy, cattle, nursery stock, apples and eggs. Tourism, plastics and rubber materials are also huge agricultural products and industries in New Hampshire.

State Bird: The purple finch is the official state bird of New Hampshire.

State Tree: The white birch is the official state tree of New Hampshire. It is also known as the canoe birch or paper birch.

State Flower: The purple lilac is the official state flower of New Hampshire.

State Song: Written by Dr. John f. Holmes, New Hampshire's state song is "Old New Hampshire."

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New Hampshire - Interesting Facts:
  • New Hampshire was the first state to declare its independence of England - this was six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • Dover, New Hampshire is the oldest town in the state.
  • The first potato was planted in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire - Famous People:
Famous names from the State of New Hampshire include the filmmaker Ken Burns, the astronaut Christina McAuliffe and the comedian Sarah Silverman.

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