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Storage Facilities in New York
As the city that never sleeps, New York is not only known for its incredible cultural attractions but numerous options where you can store your belongings. Whether you are searching for a self storage facility or a mobile storage unit, you will find everything you need and more in New York. Storage facilities in New York also includes climate-controlled settings, security and insurance so that your belongings are not only stored properly but protected. Whether you are storing your items in one of the five boroughs or the suburbs of Long Island, you will find the appropriate storage facility in New York.

Origin of State's Name: The state of New York was named after the English Duke of York. It was formerly called New Amsterdam when it was taken over by the Dutch.

Capital City: The capital city of New York is Albany. Here you will find numerous storage facilities, moving services, donation centers, shipping companies and moving companies.

Population: According to the 2009 census, there are approximately 19.2 million people that reside in New York.

Driving: The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website is where you will find driver's license information, applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals, testing locations and more.

Agriculture and Industry: The state's leading agricultural sectors include apples, cattle, dairy products, livestock, plums, cherries, peaches, vegetables and nursery stock. Its main industries include printing and publishing, tourism, chemical products, machinery, scientific instruments and electric equipment. New York is also the leading center of banking, finance and communication in the U.S.

State Bird: The Eastern bluebird is New York's state bird.

State Tree: The sugar maple is the state tree of New York.

State Flower: The rose is the official state flower of New York. It is estimated that the rose has been around for 35 million years.

State Song: New York's official state song is "I Love New York." It was written by Steve Karmen.

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New York - Interesting Facts:
  • The first cheese tournament in the U.S. was held in New York.

  • New York City has 722 miles of subway tracks.

  • Vassar College, located in upstate New York, was founded by a brewer. It was also the first college granted permission to study in China.

New York - Famous People:
Famous New Yorkers include the musician Sean Combs, the baseball player Louis Gehrig, the singer Billy Joel and the actor Humphrey Bogart.

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