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Storage Facilities in North Dakota
If you are looking for a storage company in North Dakota, you will find self storage and mobile storage units to house your belongings. Whether you need to store small boxes for a few months or larger items for a few years, you will find a facility to meet your needs. Storage facilities in North Dakota also feature high levels of security, climate-controlled conditions and offer insurance to protect your items. No matter what you need, you will find a storage facility in North Dakota.

Origin of State's Name: The word "Dakota" means friend. It is a Sioux Indian word.

Capital City: The capital city of South Dakota is Bismarck. It is also the second largest city in North Dakota.

Population: According to the U.S. Census, the state of North Dakota has a population estimated at 650,000.

Driving: To obtain information about a driver's license, applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals and testing locations, please visit the North Dakota Department of Transportation's website.

Agriculture and Industry: The largest industry in North Dakota is agriculture followed by food processing and petroleum. Some agricultural products that are produced in the state of North Dakota include barley, wheat and sunflower seeds. Farm-raised turkeys, flour, and tourism are also big industries in the state.

State Bird: The official state bird of North Dakota is the western meadowlark.

State Tree: The official state tree is the American elm.

State Flower: The wild prairie rose is the official state flower.

State Song: North Dakota's state song is "North Dakota Hymn." It was written by James W. Foley.

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North Dakota - Interesting Facts:
  • The official state beverage of North Dakota is milk.

  • More sunflowers are grown in North Dakota than any other state.

  • Lake Sakakawea County is nearly 200 miles long with a shoreline of numerous bays and inlets that cover 1,600 miles.

North Dakota - Famous People:
Famous names from the State of North Dakota include the actress Angie Dickinson, the singer Peggy Lee and the basketball player Phil Jackson.

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