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Storage Facilities in Wyoming
Have you come to a point in your life where you realized that you have too much stuff? Not only having too much but realizing that you don't have enough to hold all of your precious belongings! Well, luckily for you there are numerous storage facilities in Wyoming such as self storage facilities and mobile storage units to house all of your items in a safe climate-controlled environment. Facilities in Wyoming also offer insurance and a high-level of security to ensure that your items are well-protected when they are out of your hands.

Capital City: The capital city of Wyoming is Cheyenne.

Population: As of 2009, 544,000 people live in Wyoming. The majority of people reside in Laramie County.

Driving: In order to obtain driver's license information, applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals and much more, please refer to the Wyoming Department of Transportation's website.

Agriculture and Industry: The main industries in Wyoming involve the production of minerals such as natural gas, coal, methane, oil and uranium. Tourism is also a major industry in Wyoming due to the areas national parks and monuments.

State Bird: The state bird is the western meadowlark.

State Tree: The state tree of Wyoming is the cottonwood.

State Flower: The state flower is the Indian paintbrush.

State Song: "Wyoming" is the state song. It was written by C.E. Winter.

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Wyoming - Interesting Facts:
  • Yellowstone is Wyoming's official National Park.
  • The most coal in the U.S. is produced in Wyoming with three million tons per week.
  • Wyoming was the first state where women received the right to vote.

Wyoming - Famous People:
Many famous people are from Wyoming or reside there today. Buffalo Bill Cody, the painter Jackson Pollack and the actor Jim J. Bullock are all from Wyoming.

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