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Storage Facilities in Mississippi
Mississippi storage facilities are excellent state to keep your most treasured possessions. Whether you are seeking a self storage unit or a mobile unit, Mississippi facilities are sure to meet your needs. Local storage companies in Mississippi also specialize in housing your most-treasured specialty items ranging from furs to wine to clothes and even boats. Facilities in Mississippi are also secure, climate-controlled and offer insurance to protect your items.

Origin of State's Name: Mississippi comes from the French word "Messipi." This translates as Great River.

Capital City: Jackson is the capital of Mississippi that is home to nearly 500,000 residents.

Population: It is estimated, according to the 2009 census, the state of Mississippi is home to 2.8 million residents.

Driving: To obtain information about receiving a driver's license information, applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals, testing locations and more, please visit: Mississippi Department of Driver and Vehicle Safety website.

Agriculture and Industry: The leading agricultural products that are produced and grown in the state of Mississippi include cotton, soybeans, grain, rice, sweet potatoes, hay for livestock, peanuts, wheat, peaches, watermelons and grapes. In terms of livestock, Mississippi's most valuable products are chicken eggs, dairy, cattle, beef, hogs and sheep.

State Bird: The state bird of Mississippi is the mockingbird.

State Tree: The magnolia is the state tree of Mississippi.

State Flower: The Southern magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi.

State Song: The state song is "Go, Mississippi," It was written by Houston Davis.

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Mississippi - Interesting Facts:
  • The first human lung transplant was performed at the University of Mississippi in 1963.
  • Greenwood is the Cotton Capital of the World.
  • The popular beverage root beer was invented in Biloxi.
  • The Mississippi River is the largest one in the U.S.

Mississippi - Famous People:
Some of the many famous people from Mississippi include the guitarist B.B. King, the singer Sam Cooke, the talk show host Opera Winfrey, the singer Faith Hill, the entertainer Elvis Presley, Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton and the country music singer LeAnn Rimes.

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