Fur Storage

A method thought to be effective for extended preservation of fur and leather garments is to put them into cold storage over the summer months. Storage in a low temperature controlled environment is necessary in order to protect these types of garments from the extreme summer temperatures and humidity levels which can cause the oils contained within the leather and fur to dry out, and cause molting in fur garments specifically. It is recommended to choose a specialized high-quality fur facility for storing your furs, that will provide the best chance for preserving both their beauty and value.

Exposure of furs and leathers to direct sunlight or bright light cause their colors to fade, so to protect them from discoloration they are stored in dark vaults. These are frequently monitored climate controlled vaults, and the low temperature and regulated humidity environment keeps insects and rodents out, as do the pest control programs that are commonly put into use by the fur storage businesses.

If you are thinking of putting your fur into storage, it is advisable to search for a company that is highly regarded in fur handling and storage. Try to get recommendations from your local furrier, surf the relevant internet sites or try your local phone book. You will find that quite a number of businesses, mostly dry cleaners, will offer specialized services of this kind. However, in more cases than not their expertise are very limited. A few key questions can help you determine the level of expertise a business has on fur storage:

Ask to see the storage unit.

Look to see that the fur garments are hanging up with a fair amount of space between them, so that they can't get squashed.

The correct way to hang fur on a hanger is from the shoulders of the garment – check to see if this is how it has been done.

Take note of temperature and humidity monitoring in the unit, and inquire about the company's regulating procedures.

Ask to review pest control log books which will indicate how often the vaults are sprayed and if there have been any infestation issues in the past.

Fur must be protected from being squashed, so if you give it in at a dry cleaner for instance and they put it into a plastic bag, this is a clear indication that they do not know how to handle fur garments correctly

Cleaning fur garments involves specialized treatment procedures, and you should consider using a firm that goes in for this type of cleaning. If you choose to approach your local dry cleaner for this purpose, examine their knowledge on fur cleaning treatment before giving it in - it would be a great pity to ruin your expensive fur garment by leaving it with non-professionals.

Another important point to note is that many dry cleaners maintain they have fur repair expertise, which is not always the case. It is recommended you always have repairs done by a furrier.

Caring for your Fur
Fur garments must never be stored in a plastic bag. This can cause squashing which might destroy the fur pile and appearance of the garment.

Never leave a fur exposed to bright light or direct sunlight because this can cause discoloration.

A furrier should do all repairs.

Have your fur garment cleaned at a specialized fur cleaning company.

Store your fur in a temperature and humidity controlled environment during the summer months.

Never brush a fur coat as this will cause molting.

Hang fur garments by the shoulders and make sure that there is sufficient space between the garments in order to avoid them from being squashed.

Avoid placing fur garments in proximity of any heat source, as this will cause the oil in the fur to seep out and molting to occur.

For further information on how to take good care of your furs, contact a furrier or the Fur Information Council of America.

Furs should be kept in good condition not only for yourself, but also for future generations that might have the furs handed down to them. They will also be restyled more easily when fashions change.

What to look when purchasing a new fur
Fur can be used in various ways, making it popular also with top fashion houses that take advantage of its versatility for their creations that they present for the new season on runways of the world. If you want to buy a fur garment for work, evening or casual wear, here are some important things to take note of:

It is most important to try the garment on and make sure it is a comfortable weight and size.

Fur garments should fall comfortably and evenly from your shoulders.

Check that the pelts match in color and texture?

Are the pelts lustrous and shiny?

The underfur on male pelts is usually coarser than it is on female pelts – feel the underfur to determine if it is dense and soft.

Make sure that the seams are sewn tightly.