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This gorgeous New England state is not only known for its green mountains but a plethora of options when it comes to storage. Whether you need a self storage facility or a mobile storage unit, you will find what you are looking in Vermont. Vermont storage companies also pride themselves on providing their customers with high-quality security, insurance options and climate-controlled settings in order to protect their belongings.

Origin of State's Name: The explorer Samuel de Champlain called Vermont "Verd Mont" the after its green mountains.

Capital City: Montpelier is the state capital of Vermont.

Population: Approximately, 600,000 residents reside in Vermont.

Driving: In order to obtain driver's license information, please visit the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles' website. Here you will also find applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals, testing locations and much more.

Agriculture and Industry: The major agricultural products in Vermont include dairy farming (milk), organic farming, maple products and vegetables. The major industries in Vermont include real estate, healthcare, retail, food services, trade, government, educational services, construction and waste services.

State Bird: The official state bird of Vermont is the hermit thrush.

State Tree: The state tree is the sugar maple.

State Flower: The red clover is the state flower.

State Song: The state song of Vermont is "These Green Mountains." It was written by Diane Martin.

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Interesting Facts:
  • Vermont was the first state admitted to the union following the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Vermont is home to the greatest number of dairy cows in the U.S.

  • Montpelier, Vermont is the only capital city without a McDonalds and the state of Vermont is the only one without a Wal-Mart.

Famous People:
Famous names from Vermont include the actor Orson Bean, the entrepreneur Wells Fargo and Co. and the baseball player Carlton Fisk.

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