How to Pack a Flat Screen TV for Storage

By Dermound Becker
Special to

Since flat screen TVs have an LCD or plasma screen, they are very sensitive pieces of electronics. Great care needs to be taken with your TV when it is placed in a moving van and when it is packed for storage.

When using a storage facility to house your flat screen TV, one of the best ways to protect it is by using the original packaging the TV came in (this is always a good practice to follow whenever you buy an expensive piece of electronics). If you have the original box, take care that all sides are still intact. If the TV was cut out of the box when you originally got it, then the box will not be stable enough to reuse. If the box is unavailable or damaged, then most electronic stores can sell you a box to hold your flat screen for storage. You will need thick, corrugated cardboard for this.

It is a good idea to put a strong piece of cardboard over the screen before you try to put into a box. This provides both extra support and extra protection to the screen. Always remember to keep your TV upright. Placing it on its back can damage delicate internal parts, and placing it on the front will damage the screen. You will want to wrap the entire TV in either the foam sheet that originally came with it, or with some bubble wrap. This not only protects the screen from damage, but also will protect buttons and attachments. Securing the bubble wrap with good, strong tape is next. Be careful not to get tape on your TV.

Next, you are going to need to place some Styrofoam corners into the box so that the TV is not sitting on the bottom of the box. You could also consider just putting down a thick layer of bubble wrap as well. This is an added safeguard against many catastrophes happening.

You will want to purchase some desiccant packets inside the box with your flat screen. These can be purchased at an electronic store. These packets keep humidity and moisture from damaging the electronic components. Once the TV is inside the box, and then fill any loose or open areas with packing peanuts to make sure that no shifting occurs inside the box during any transport.

Now that the flat screen is properly packaged, you need to secure the box with strong tape, even if the sides are already taped. Better to be safe than sorry.

Again, never lay your TV on its side or its back. You need to mark the box showing which side is up, and if you are not moving it yourself, then it needs to be marked ‘fragile’ and that it must remain upright. Always lift the box from the bottom when moving it.

For optimum safety, you want to store the TV in a dry place. Humidity is deadly for these electronics so make sure that your self storage facility is between 50 and 75 degrees - if at all possible. Extreme heat or cold will damage the flat screen as well.

If you follow these steps, your flat screen TV should be in prime condition when you are ready to unpack it.