Using Storage Through Your Moving Company

By Maria Paulia Belgado
Special to UStorage

Moving can be a stressful experience; however, it’s not only about moving. There’s the packing, transport, unpacking and finally settling into your new home. There may also be cases where you need to store your items in between the move – whether you’d like to get some key pieces packed away before the big day, or perhaps you need to move out of your existing home now, but your new place isn’t quite ready for you yet. That means you’ll have to think about storing your stuff for a while or for even longer. Don’t want to look at storage companies (not to mention pay the moving company twice)? Your moving company may also offer short term and long-term storage options. But before you let them cart away and store away your precious belongings, here are some questions you should ask them:

Will my stuff be safe and secure?
Are your belongings going to be secure in their storage facility? With self-storage options, you’ll be able to see the storage units and judge for yourself. More often than not, a combination move and store deal will involved having your packed stuff hauled away to some unknown place and then moved to your home on the designated day. What happens in between? Is it in a safe storage place, with locks and security? Or is it going to be sitting in the truck for a couple of days? If possible, you can ask to see their storage facilities.

Can I get my stuff on the exact date I need it?
You wouldn’t want to be stuck in your new home without your bed or your kitchen stuff, do you? Because storage involves an additional step, moving companies may need a few extra days to move your stuff out of storage and bring it to your new home. They may give you a “range of dates” for delivery, but as long as you’re okay sleeping in your sleeping bag for a night or two, then you should ask this first question.

What items can you NOT store?
Don’t assume that you can pack away all your stuff and the company will store it for you. Not all companies are licensed or bonded to handle things like valuables and breakables. Ask before you start packing.

Are you insured for storage?
Moving companies may offer to store some of your stuff for you for a couple of days – but are they insured for such services? Insurance usually covers items in transit. But, when it’s sitting in their office or warehouse, and something happens to it, the insurance companies may balk at having to pay for loss or damage.

What are you policies for damage or loss?
Since your items will be sitting in their facilities, ask them to give you their policy for damage or loss while in storage. You can ask for a contract, and make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Asking these basic questions can help you determine the best combination moving-storage company for your move, and prevent stress and headaches later.