How to Pack Your Pictures for Storage

By Staff

Photographs are a precious heirloom of our most-treasured moments. However, over the years they can become a bit of nuisance, especially with limited and tight space. One option is to place your old photos in a secure and climate-controlled storage facility. Here’s how to pack your favorite photos to preserve their life and keep your most precious memories.

1. Arrange-Not only good for storage but for your personal sanity, organizing and arranging your old photos will make it easier to locate them in the future, as well as a way to categorize your life events. If you have all of your photos in a box, take the time to go through them and label the backs. Another option is to purchase a photo book and place photos in them based on date or event.

2. Keep them Flat- Whether you decide to keep them in book or a box, it is best to keep photos flat. One way to preserve them is to place them between two pieces of cardboard and hold them together with tape. In a small box, pack the cardboard protected images and close the box with tape. Make sure to fill up the box, never leaving items loose in a box.

3. Box it Up-For some pictures that are in frames (and you don’t want to take them out), you can pack them into boxes. Choose medium-sized boxes and line the bottom with bubble wrap. With another sheet of bubble wrap, cover the frame and tape it together. Repeat this process until your picture frames are packed away. Close the box and bring it to the storage facility.

4. Label-It is also a good idea to label the contents of your boxes when placing them into a storage unit. Mark this clearly on the front of the box in a permanent marker such as a Sharpie. It is also a good idea to write “fragile.”

5. Proper Placement-Now that your belongings are secure, it is crucial that they are also placed properly into your unit. Never place them on top of books or heavy items or with sensitive items such as furs. Also, never place your picture in a unit that is too hot or too cool – as they will cause warping to your pictures.

Now that you’re items are secured away safely, it is up to you to ensure that they are properly maintained. Even though you placed them in the hand of a reputable storage facility, you should still check up on your unit; making note of any rodents, water damage as this may affect your pictures.