What are the Different Types of Storage Facilities?

By UStorage.com Staff

Are your belongings taking over your space? Do you have antiques that you want protected but you don't have the space? If you can't figure out where to put your items and don't need them in your home or apartment, you should consider storing them in a storage unit. There are a lot of choices when it comes to storage facilities, depending on what type of space and features that you require for your belongings and whether you need a short or long-term storage option.

Moving Company Storage:
This is generally the most expensive, but the safest and easiest option out there.
Moving companies generally store in their own facilities that are either climate or temperature controlled and have security systems. This option is for people who aren’t as concerned about cost as they are about having a professional job done. People who have a lot of boxes or fine furniture, need packing services or those who aren’t physically capable or willing to spend the time to handle the job are usually the people who will contract and use moving company storage. Using a moving company, you can expect your furniture to be packed properly, picked up and transported to the facility. However, you should be aware that you will probably need an appointment to add and take items out of your unit.

Self Storage Units:
A good and affordable option for those who live in a big (or not so big) city is to hold your belongings with a self storage company. They generally have different size rooms with variable options like climate or temperature control, or outside units (usually not climate or temperature controlled). Be prepared to pack, move and store all the items yourself. The good news is that many self storage facilities allow renters to visit their units whenever they like and generally at any time without an appointment. You can also choose what unit you would like based on its location such as in the middle or in an isle.

Mobile Storage:
This storage option involves the delivery of a wooden or steel vault, trailer or 12 to 16-foot container. These mobile storage units are then dropped off at your location for loading and unloading that is then transported to a storage facility. Since you do the packing, make sure that you use proper packaging supplies for furniture, antiques, furs or other valuables, as well as loading everything in order to avoid any damage. Because of this, you may still need to contract a moving company to load the storage container for you. Also, when the unit is taken away, you can only access it if you contract the company for redelivery. This option also allows the unit to be moved with you, if there is a similar facility at your new destination.