Making Your Storage Decision

Before making a final decision on which storage facility to choose, you should consider these important issues:

If self storage is your preferred choice, consider using a facility close to home. This can save money and time associated with frequent visits to the storage location. If it's a mobile storage you prefer – you have the option of having the unit on your own property, and maintenance carried out by yourself; or you can have it stored in a storage facility or on another site of choice.

Investigate the security measures that are on offer at the facility you wish to choose. How do they intend storing your goods within the unit itself? Are the security measures different during regular business hours versus after-hours? How will the storage facility secure your mobile storage unit?

The access to your storage unit on weekends and after business hours is as important to know as finding the most suitable location to store your goods.

Discuss your specific current and future needs with the storage facility. This will enable them to offer you the most suitably sized unit that will also match your budget.

The price range of the different storage units the facilities have to offer depend on size, storage period, and their own marketing objectives. These companies operate much like any other real estate options, also seeking to optimize the use of their available space. Special offers and discounts from the storage facilities will be fewer during busy periods, and mobile storage companies will try to offer incentives in order to persuade you to commit to a longer rental period.

Insurance is an important issue to investigate, especially if you plan to store high value items. Storage companies offer their own insurance, and it is recommended to find out about the facility's procedures in cases such as fire, flood, etc. Make sure you fully understand how the insurance they are offering will in fact cover any potential damage.

Special Needs
You may be looking for a storage unit that provides climate control and/or other special storage accessories and needs. When you speak with the company's sales representatives, state your specific requirements so that they can help you find the option that will suit you best.