Storage Solutions: Using Mobile Storage

By Staff

For some people, storing their old belongings in a self storage facility can be something of an ordeal. Whether they don't have a car or have too many bulky items, using a facility may not be the best option. Luckily, there's another solution: mobile storage.

The idea behind mobile storage is relatively simple. A mobile storage facility brings a large container or trailer right to your home. You (or professional packers) load as many items as you wish to store into the container.

When you're done, you let the mobile storage company know and the storage container is picked up and taken to the company's storage facility. From your end, you can access your belongings like you would at a normal storage facility. (Although you might need to give a bit more notice -- the containers are often stacked one on top of the other.)

When you want your stuff back, the storage company ships the container to your new home. Then you unpack the container, and the company picks it up.

When looking at mobile storage, here are some things to consider:
• The storage container should be moved to a storage unit when it is loaded. It cannot remain at the home or office location forever. In fact, most storage companies insist that the trailer be moved as soon as possible, after loading.

• If you live in a condo or apartment you may need permission from your homeowners association or landlord, respectively, to have a trailer parked outside for a period of time. In some instances, you may only have a day or two to load up all of your belongings.

• If your office or home is on a steep hill you, there must be a flat, hard, surface where the unit can be loaded.

• Rates for mobile storage, just like regular storage, will vary on location and time of year.

• You are in total control of how the goods are packed. You will know exactly where everything is when you wish to remove items from storage.

• Check with your insurance agent about coverage for your goods in storage.

• If you happen to move, you can most likely take your mobile storage unit with you - meaning that you don't have to unload it and pack those belongings.