Storage Solutions for Just a Few Items


Sometimes you just need to put a few small items into storage. If you simply don’t have room for a few things, what do you do with them? You may think that renting a big storage unit is your only solution, but you actually have several options open to you. However, today storage facilities offer various sizes that even house just a few items.

One simple solution is to a pick smaller storage space such as a 5x5 storage unit. In these units you can generally store your personal papers, files, sales samples, office supplies. This type of storage unit is also ideal for college student's in-between semesters where they can place their seasonal clothes, boxes and personal items. Additionally, if you just have a few items you should consider storing your belongings (temporarily) with a friend or relative who has some extra space you can use in their garage, attic or basement.

Another unit that may be good for your items is a 5x10 storage unit. These units are great for specialty garments and seasonal items like furs, sporting equipment and small lawn and garden tools.

When using any self storage facility - big or small - you will have to assess the safety and security features of an area. Is there any possibility of sustaining water damage or some other type of damage to your items if you store your items in a unit? What sort of security features does the facility have? Is it well-lit and have on-site guards? Even though you only have a few items you want to make sure that they are protected and watched over with care.

You can also consider storing your belongings in a portable storage. A portable storage or mobile storage unit is a container that is brought directly to your home and then is left there. If you have room outdoors, this might be a secure solution for your stuff. Portable storage can be rented by size and most companies have small sizes that just may accommodate your needs. They are water-tight and secure. Another real advantage is that the portable storage is brought to you, instead of you having to haul your items to a storage facility. They come equipped with secure locks to keep your items safe. Costs vary so shop around.

If none of these solutions will work for you, then your best bet is to rent storage at a business that rents storage lockers. You might think that these lockers are all too big for you, but you will most likely be wrong about that. Many storage facilities also have mini-lockers that may also be perfect for your small items.

No matter what option you choose you can rest assured that there is a storage option available for your small items.