What Items Should you Place in Storage in-Between Semesters at College?

By Dermound Becker
Special to UStorage.com

After the end of a semester, college students will have to think about where to store their belongings. This might mean moving your belongings back home or temporarily housing them in a self storage facility. When using a storage facility, you will have to both pack your belongings and decide on what items you are temporarily leaving behind.

Clothing. This will depend on the weather. If you are at college in a cold climate while your home is in a warmer area, leave behind all your cold weather clothes, such as heavy and bulky coats, hats, gloves and boots. Obviously, the reverse also applies, so take all your winter wear with you if you are leaving a warm climate for a chilly one. When storing clothes, you can place them in plastic garment bags or sturdy wardrobe boxes.

Music. If you are storing your musical instruments make sure that all of its accessories are placed in storage as well. You should also make sure that CDs and/or your iPod is securely wrapped and boxed in order to avoid any scratches or dents.

Books. If you are going to be doing some studying while on your break, take with you all the necessary books and notes. Again, make a list so that you can check it when packing before coming back to college, in order not to forget to bring all the books and notes back with you. If the break will be complete and no studying will be necessary, pack all your books and notes in boxes and store them in your college's storage facility.

Sporting equipment. Athletes will have to decide whether to take their sporting equipment home with them or not. This will depend on whether you have spare equipment at home or not and if you have to practice during your break from college. If it is not necessary to take all or some of your sports paraphernalia, this can also be put into storage.

Bedding. If your college does not supply bedding (sheets, pillows, etc), you will probably bring them with you but you most likely don't need to take them home with you during your break. Make sure to clean your bedding and place them in big bags for storage.

When storing your items in-between semesters it is advisable to make detailed lists of what you put into storage. When you return you may not remember exactly what you stored, so the lists will come in handy in finding all your possessions.