How to Pack and Secure Bedding for Storage

By Stephen Davis
Special to

When placing items like bedding in storage you will have to secure it properly. Given its bulky texture, bedding may seem like it is hard to pack. However, planning the process inand having proper packing materials will ensure that your mattress gets into a self storage facility safe, sound and well-protected.

The standard materials of bedding include:
  • The mattress
  • Linens
  • Bedcovers
  • Comforters
  • Pillows and cushions
  • And a few side linings and foot linings

What you will need is:
  • A few large boxes
  • Packing paper or newspaper
  • Plastic sheets or bags (large)
  • Packing tape
  • And some rope

Begin by arranging the items properly. Remove the pillow covers and stack the pillows to one side. Stack the cushions together as well. Remove the side and foot linings and detach the mattress from the bed frame if it was secured.

Fold all the linen and stack it columns of up to five. Fold the pillow covers and bed covers as well. Folding the comforter can be a bit tricky because of the trapped air inside it. Actually the comforter is responsible for the hard-to-pack look that bedding has. Fold the comforter neatly, pressing out air gently with each fold.

Now it's time to prepare the boxes.

First secure the bottom of the boxes by taping the bottom flaps from the outside. Once the bottom is secure, start sealing the box from the inside using plastic sheets. Fold a piece for the bottom making sure that a fair amount of it rises to the walls. Use a few more sheets to seal the walls of the box from the inside. Use packing tape to hold the plastic in place. Don't overdo it. The purpose of the plastic is to prevent moisture from the outside spoiling the bedding.

Use some packing paper or newspaper to line the inside over the plastic. There may be some moisture within the bedding. The purpose of the paper is to absorb any moisture that sinks to the bottom or toward the edges. If the move takes a few days, the paper will prevent mold from forming.

Place the comforter inside first, easing it gently and pressing to force the air out. This will create more space. Place the bedcovers and linen next followed by linings and top up with the cushions and pillows. Place a sheet of paper and plastic on the top before closing and sealing the box.

Usually a single large box will be enough for your bedding.

As for the mattress, wrap it up in two layer of paper followed by a layer of plastic. Use tape to hold the wrappings in place. Finally use some rope to form a cross-wrap around the mattress. The rope makes it easier to carry and maneuver the mattress.

Once everything is secure, you can load up your moving van or truck and transport your bedding to a storage facility.