How to Pack Discs and CDs for Storage


When moving you will have to pack up all of your belongings and place them into boxes. During this process you may find that you don't need have the room or a desire to bring all of your belongings with you. If you don't want to sell them you can always place them in a professional self storage facility. Discs and CDs are great items to place in storage since so many people now store their music on their computers or iPods. Here is what to consider when packing your discs and CDs for storage.

There are several ways to pack your disc and CDs for storage. The first is to place them in a three-hole binder with clear plastic slots. These are ideal because you can store numerous discs in one place and easily organize them based on their type. After your discs into their appropriate slots, simply pack them into boxes and pad them with bubble wrap®. Use sturdy boxes and only pack two-three binders per box.

Another option is to place your discs or CDs in individual CD covers and then placing them into boxes. This inexpensive option ensures that your CDs are protected and will be resistant from getting scratched.

When packing your discs or CDs we also recommend that you organize them based on their type. This can include categorized them by games, software, personal discs, music, etc in order to avoid any confusion when you unpack your items after you are done using your storage unit.

Packing your discs and CDS for storage doesn't have to be difficult. It only requires some simple packing plan and some organization to ensure that they are both safe and protected when they are not with you.