The Essential Boxes and Packing Materials You Need for Storage

By Staff

When moving, you may find that you have more stuff than you have room for in your new home. One of the best options is to place your belongings in a self storage facility. But before you load up your items into storage, you are going have to pack. Here are the essential supplies that you will need to protect your items while they temporarily live in storage.


Medium Moving Boxes (18x14x12): These boxes are designed for non-fragile and moderately heavy items such as pots, pans, linens, folded clothes, toys, games, etc.

Large Moving Boxes (20x20x15): These boxes are ideal for bulky, but light items, such as pillows, comforters, paintings, mirrors and collectables.

X-Large Moving Boxes (23x23x16): These boxes are great for storing your bulky blankets and clothes. Since they are so large, try not to overload them.

Wardrobe Boxes (24x24x40): These are great for when you want to store seasonal clothes. Most of them also come with a sturdy hanger, which prevents your clothes from sagging.

File Moving Boxes (16x12.5x10): A lot of clutter comes from old papers and magazine. Consider filing them away in moving boxes to ensure that your home and paperwork stays organized.

The Packing Materials You Will Need:

A strong packing tape is necessary to secure your boxes. We recommend Duck Packing Tape that is designed to seal 60 boxes.

Bubble Wrap:
This plastic material is used a cushioning and padding your fragile belongings.

Moving Blankets:
This material is great to protect any large pieces of furniture that you will be placing into your storage unit.